Dear BigONE user,

In order to meet the trading needs of the majority of users, the BigONE leveraged ETF will be adding TIA/USDT and NTRN/USDT 3X long and 3X short leveraged ETF trading pair on 15 November 2023 at 16:00 (GMT+8). The specific opening details are as follows: 

Currency 3X Long 3X Short

At the same time, BigONE Trading Bot has added TIA3S/3L, and NTRN3S/3L to ETF trading, users can search the bot ID in Mixin Messenger: 7000104779 to trade.

More Information:
Trading Bot FAQ


  1. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and ETF products will have price fluctuations. Please be sure to read the leveraged ETF product documentation for understanding and participate carefully.
  2. BigONE does not endorse prices or guarantee projects for any projects. Please consider all factors such as project popularity, market trends, and your own risk tolerance, prudently decide whether to participate in the transaction and reasonably allocate your assets.
  3. The price of tokens may fluctuate, please be sure to understand the risks and invest carefully.

BigONE, more than just asset security.

BigONE Team
15 November 2023